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About us



One day, Luca had a funny thought (as she most often does). “Imagine I would be pregnant. Hmmm… How would I look like? And what on earth would I be wearing?”

Just for fun, she started to browse for options. A few scrolls later, it stopped being funny. All she could find were those floral-lacey-overly-decorated-so-boooo-ring kind of pregnancy clothes. She couldn’t picture herself wearing anything like that (or maybe only to a Halloween party). She knew that if she ever gets pregnant, she will still want to look and feel like herself.

All sorts of start-up ideas came and went, but, for some mysterious reason, this one stayed with her. After a lot of research, torturing friends for feedback and a few years in the making, Luca’s baby was born. Not a real baby, but Mamagama. A cool, relaxed, bold and colourful clothing line for mothers to be. Behind each product there’s a whole story. It can be a collaboration with a super talented illustrator. Or a funny reflection on the realities of pregnancy. Everything designed with a high focus on quality, in the softest and most comfortable fabrics out there.

And this is only the beginning: Mamagama has big plans for the future. Making life happier for new moms is one of them, so watch this space!