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About us

Mamagama is a maternity shop that designs and produces pregnancy t-shirts. The creative mind behind the maternity clothing brand is Berlin based Romanian designer, Raluca Stroe. 

 Many Mamagama maternity clothes are illustrated by super talented artists from around the world and include entertaining maternity stories. On top of all that awesomeness, they're extremely soft and made of combed cotton with just a little bit of stretch. They make our maternity wear fit so nicely on a pregnant belly.

“Pregnancy clothing is fun. Wear it when u go shopping and u accidentally bump into your ex boyfriend who (after all these years) is still flirting with you; when u go for a picnic in the park or to lunch at your in-laws; when u go out to meet the girls for juicy gossip and you find out that the secretary was indeed having sex with the head manager; when the proud father to be is taking photos of you and instantly uploads them to Facebook. And most of all, wear it when u don't feel like doing anything at all. This maternity t shirt was made for it.”
Buy our pregnancy clothing when you want to make beautiful pregnancy gifts. Our pregnancy t-shirts are very unique, different from any other maternity clothing you usually find on maternity stores.