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Maternity Stories - Chelsea from Alaska

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1. Please describe the moment you found out you were pregnant.
My husband Lock and I had just been to the farmers market when I decided to stop and get a test on our way home. I wasn’t late but I had this weird feeling that I could be. I didn’t even have time to put the stick down before I saw a + sign. I was in a bit of shock because we weren’t trying to conceive and I was actually on birth control at the time. I knew I always wanted to be a mom so I was definitely excited but I was also overwhelmed with fear. Lock was calmer than I was and super positive about the whole situation which definitely helped reality sink in nicely for me. 

2. How did you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?
We didn’t come up with anything clever to tell our parents. But when it came time to tell the rest of the world we bought a Tampa Bay Lightning infant hockey jersey and took a picture holding it up in the players locker room. That was really fun! I am a crazy hockey fan so naturally this seemed like the best way to do it.

3. Name the most beautiful and the most unpleasant pregnancy experience
The most beautiful part of my pregnancy was honestly just that, being pregnant. There is no better feeling than touching your belly and feeling your little human moving around. I actually miss it quite a bit. Those kicks, rolls and hiccups made up for every unpleasant pregnancy symptom I had (well, maybe not in the moment haha). I had horrible nausea since day one. I never once got sick but man was I nauseas. I actually lost a lot of weight while I was pregnant because I had such a hard time eating. Totally backwards, I know. I forced myself to eat just enough to keep the two of us healthy. At 28 weeks I started having a rapid heartbeat and it made me pass out at one point. Ironically it happened when we were at the hospital taking a tour. That lasted until he was born. I was scared to drive towards the end because it started happening so often I was afraid I was going to pass out behind the wheel. 

4.Tell us about some pregnancy problems that the glossy books don’t really talk about
Other than nausea and rapid heartbeat I really didn’t have any typical pregnancy problems. One thing I found odd though was my hair roots would ache. It was really strange. And I had to sleep with my own blanket or I’d be up all night. Cuddling was also out of the question. That drove my husband nuts!

5. Your giving birth story, anything you want to share

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. I went in on a Tuesday night to be induced. I was terrified because of all of the horror stories I had heard about this process. Wednesday rolled around and at 8am they broke my water. I was 100% comfortable until that point. Serious kudos to the women that do it au naturel. Three hours later and I still was hardly dilating so we figured we were in for a long day and night. I could tell my husband was starving so at 2pm I insisted he go get food. Not even fifteen minutes after he walked out the door Hudson was crowning and the Dr. was on her way back. Five pushes and he was out! Lock made it back just in time.
6. Which personality traits do you hope your future children learn from you?
I hope Hudson grows up to be kind, loving, spontaneous, and easy going. I hope he always feels loved and appreciated. And of course, I hope he plays hockey! 
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