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Maternity Stories - Danielle from United States

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1. Please describe the moment you found out you were pregnant.
It had been a few months of trying to conceive when we found out we were expecting our fifth child. It was a few days after Thanksgiving and our hearts were bursting with just that. 

2. How did you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?
We waited to tell our families about a month after finding out, until Christmas morning, which was hard to hide for this fifth time mama! We gave my mom a present, and had her open it in front of everyone, which revealed the surprise that we were expecting. It was a celebration!

3. Name the most beautiful and the most unpleasant pregnancy experience
There isn't anything more wonderful that feeling life inside of you. Sure, it can become painful and keep us up at night and so many other things but when we really sit for a minute and marvel at what a gift it is to bring another life into this world, I can't even put into words what a blessing it is. I would have waited forever for each of my babies. 
4.Tell us about some pregnancy problems that the glossy books don’t really talk about
My pregnancy was a bit of a roller coaster with some scares during our ultrasounds. Ultimately, our sweet baby girl was perfectly healthy when she was born but I have come to know the waiting for a baby arrive, or for that next test, more blood work, etc isn't always that way. The waiting is so hard. Even if it was heartbreaking, I just wanted to know what was going on with my little girl. Having gone through this makes me so much more sensitive to each and every woman carrying a baby. We have no idea what their story is. We don't know what road they are walking or what they are waiting to hear. 
5. Your giving birth story, anything you want to share
It was a Friday morning, August 7th, my due date. My contractions came on quickly but irregular, starting at 7:45 AM. Around noon my husband and I arrive at the birthing center and I was 6 CM dilated. Two and half hours later my sweet girl was in my arms. You can read my full birth story here.
6. Which personality traits do you hope your future children learn from you?
 Above all else I hope my children know that they are loved by me, their daddy, and by the God who created them. I hope they love to laugh and that they feel freedom and grace in their life. I pray that they stand strong for what they believe in and that they chase their dreams.  
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