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Maternity Stories - Florida, United States

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1. Please describe the moment you found out you were pregnant.
I found out I was pregnant the day after I got back home from a three-week vacation in Italy and the day before my 24th birthday. I was in a very rocky relationship so I was scared and a little overwhelmed by the news. I had a lot of questions and concerns and didn't know if I was going to be able to do it. Having a family has always been something I wanted, so despite my fears and questions, I knew that having a baby would be the single greatest event of my life. Looking back now, I'm happier than I've ever been and it's all because of the perfect little man in my life: my son. 

2. How did you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?
I immediately called my mom. She's my biggest supporter and my best friend so it wouldn't have felt right to keep a secret from her. As for the rest of my family and friends, I spilled the beans on social media! I didn't have a Facebook at the time, but I posted the news to Instagram almost right away. I was so excited that I couldn't keep it to myself. I told whoever would listen. About 2.5 months in, I reactivated my Facebook and made another announcement to all of my Facebook friends. I received so many wonderful and kind words from my loved ones and now they are forever memorialized online. 

3. Name the most beautiful and the most unpleasant pregnancy experience
The most beautiful pregnancy experience was the actual delivery. I was extremely fortunate to have an easy labor, but beyond that, I got to see my baby, hold my baby, hear my baby for the first time and nothing in this world or any other can replace that feeling. I have been smiling since that moment and I have no plans to stop any time soon!
As for the most unpleasant experience, where do I even begin?! Despite being symptomless my entire first trimester, I had a tough pregnancy overall. I experienced the typical lack of sleep, nausea, irritability and swelling that most women do, but my tiny 5'2'' frame did not handle the extra weight around my mid-section well. My back would spasm constantly. I had terrible insomnia that would keep me awake until 2 or 3 in the morning only to be woken up an hour after falling asleep to go to the bathroom. Just in general it was extremely difficult on my body and I had no help. My family lived in a different state and I had just started a new job and moved to a new city where I didn't know anyone except my son's father, and he wasn't around to help either. I built all of my son's nursery furniture by myself, worked full time up until I delivered and handled all of my chores and errands on my own. It was hard, but I did it. 
4.Tell us about some pregnancy problems that the glossy books don’t really talk about
I think the books pretty much prepared me for everything besides the waiting. I'm incredibly impatient and I thought for sure my baby would come early; he didn't. I felt like every day in my 9th month was longer than the day before. I thought I would be pregnant forever. The books don't really prepare you for all of the waiting. 
5. Your giving birth story, anything you want to share
I was scheduled to be induced two days before my due date but I ended up going into labor on my own that same morning. By the time I got to the hospital Thursday night, I was only a few hours away from having a baby. I was so shocked at how quickly I had progressed. I was only in labor for 15 hours (I count from the time I got to the hospital, because that's when active labor had officially begun) and when it was time for baby Zay to make his appearance, I only had to push three times! I've actually written a full birth story on my blog Mommy My Way where I cover everything about my labor and delivery. You can read Zaylen's complete birth story HERE.  
6. Which personality traits do you hope your future children learn from you?
I hope my son learns hard work and perseverance from me. I haven't always had it easy, but I've always pulled through. If my son can continue to work hard at his goals even when there are obstacles, I will know I've done a good job as a mother. I also want him to learn how to love whole-heartedly. Love is a beautiful feeling that should never be felt half-way. I will show him to love completely, love unconditionally and let love find you. 
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  • Your son is lucky to have you and I wish you all the best in future!
    Nothing can compare to the love you can both give each other, enjoy every second of it and keep your smile for all the beautiful things that will come to you! All the best

    Anja on

  • grest story. My daughter is such an inspiration to single moms.

    Mary on

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