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5 creative proposal ideas worth watching.

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5 creative proposal ideas worth watching.

There are many right proposal ideas out there. Some of them are stunning, some of them less stunning. A right proposal can be as simple as it could get. Its not important how expensive the restaurant is or how big the diamond ring is. Whats important is that its done from the heart.
And let me tell you something, the more nervous he is, the more honest the proposal
Lets have a look at the small selection of the 5 most creative proposal ideas ever (at least in our opinion)

1. Indeed very creative. Can be also used for further anniversary celebrations.

Tip: Make it as a diary.

Source: Samika Vlogs

2. Poor girl. Its like eating hot and cold in the same time.

Tip: A good prank is always worth remembering.


Source: joshplusbrook

3. Woodstock feeling.

Tip: No one around? Ask strangers to help you.

Source: John Ferreira

4. This guy must be very organized. Thumbs up for pulling this off.

Tip: Plan it. Stay with it. Finish it.

Source: Jack Hyer

5. The Mona Lisa in the proposal world.

Tip: The best case scenario (People she loves + Song she loves) x fun

Source: Isaac Lamb

As you can see everything is possible. It does not mare where and how as long as he came up with his own proposal ideas and put some effort into it.

Good day everyone :)


Your Ralu.

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